Worth $250???

You tell me. Hopefully I'm picking it up before the sun goes down!


Re: Worth $250???

Nah, piece of shit...where is it again ?

Re: Worth $250???


buy it dude. if it turns over at least its a steal.

Re: Worth $250???

Picking it up at 8 tonight!

Re: Worth $250???



I'm on a roll - literally

That pile of dog shit I stepped in yesterday musta brought me some good luck. I'm also picking up a barn fresh Moby tomorrow for a C note!


Re: I'm on a roll - literally


Re: I'm on a roll - literally

The Marinelli? (sp) off CL last night and this morning, and yesterday this dude moved in next door. He saw the pacers and the bravo in the back yard and asked if I'd be interested in buying another.

Me: watcha got?

Him: I dunno, looks somethin like that but older...

Me: Where is it...

Him: Down the street.

Me: What's the brand?

Him: I dunno?

Me: Puch? Vespa? Motobecane?

Him: That's it, Motobecane. French, isn't it?

Me: Yeah. Wadda ya want for it?

Him: I dunno, 75-100...

Me: Is it indoors?

Him: Been stored in the back of my garage for over 30 years. My kid lost interest in it a month after I got it for her.

Me: I'll take it, I can use it for parts...

Yeah, right? I could hardly contain myself.

More later.

Looks like I won't be riding with anybody tomorrow, I'll be up to my elbows with witch piss and carb cleaner.

I'll let you know what I end up with.

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