DEMM Smily (or other DEMM) owners

Hi. This is a call to all DEMM Smily (or any DEMM) owners. I have sent an e-mail to most of you already. I know practically nothing about my bike. I have the owner's Manual and the service manual, I've had custom tools made for it also. I am becoming intimately familiar with the bike mechanically but I would like to know more about its history.

There are practically no online resources for this brand.

Re: DEMM Smily (or other DEMM) owners

can you scan the service manual.. i would like to see it.. id pay you.. 20 cents a page..

Re: DEMM Smily (or other DEMM) owners

I too will give you 20 cents a page for the service manual. Do a search on these forums and you will find alot. Do you have any specific questions?

Re: DEMM Smily (or other DEMM) owners


I lost the service manual the other day. When I locate it I am going to scan the whole damn thing and make lots of backups. E-mail me so I'll remember you.

Re: DEMM Smily (or other DEMM) owners

Patrick, same applies to you.

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