Indian piston gets scalped

I heard what turned out to be the exhaust valve (black thing in the photo) snap and rattle around. I pulled over instantly, and drove it home (didn't feel like peddling across SF hills), and figured there was a broken rocker arm or valve rod. Instead it turned out to be a giant fucking hole where my piston used to be.

Couldn't have been more than 100 rotations, but just goes to show everythings gotta go somewhere.


Indian piston gets scalped

Any advice on clearing the thousands of metal shards from my crankcase? The bike ran like a peach till that very moment, and I think my immediate stop kept the damage from spreading.

And I think I cashed in some serious replacement points, because a box with a spare engine I ordered from some guy on MA just for shits arrived a few days ago. Still waiting on Box number two though...

Re: Indian piston gets scalped

People say using play doh works because the shards stick to it.

Re: Indian piston gets scalped

Pieces of aluminum will be all through the oil pump and in the gears, etc.

Really, the only solution will be a complete teardown.

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