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After 3 months of waiting and worrying about the murky past of my 82 honda passport c70 (see attached --786 miles!), I finally got the papers and it's all legal, good to go. The seller assured me that it wasn't stolen and supplied only a bill of sale and a copy of his license, and he was right. I will plug for International Title Service...painless process. $165 got me plates, title and registration within 4 weeks. Now I can put money into it (tune up) without the fear of some cop showing up at my door about a stolen scooter.

As an aside, I have heard that a lot of states are no longer accepting papers from Alabama for whatever reason. That is one of the states that a lot of the services use because of its more lenient/rational dmv laws. My guy used Maine.


Re: title service testimonial

Yeah, or you could go the cool way and use the dude on here that is keeping it real for all of us in the third reich states.

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get and moped

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