Garnett KS Breast Cancer Awarness Biker Ride

Edward Richardson /

My boss told me about a motorcycle charity ride ( The Lake Garnett Biker Breast Cancer Awareness Ride ) this Sat at 10 am and asked if I wanted to ride. So I went home to drag the trusty rat Katana out and charge the battery when I discover that I have been so wrapped up in riding and working on my moped, that I forgot to renew my tags on the motorcycle. So I called up my buddy Capn Crunch and he's going to figure out what scoot or ped is running best to ride with me. Any eastern Kansas or western Missouri folks that want to moped it tomorrow morning its 10 am at the North Lake Park VFW $10 entry gets you a dice sheet and a 120 mile ride. A $20 donation gets you a chance at an 08 Harley. Sorry for the late notice, just found out about it myself.

Re: Garnett KS Breast Cancer Awarness Biker Ride

Edward Richardson /

Well due to the logistics of the 120 mile ride I decided to do the first leg of 30 miles to The Monkey Butt Saloon in Iola Ks. and then return, with the other bikes doing roughly twice the speed then we would arrive at the same time.

So we set off with a formation ride through Garnett and then I was left in the dust to try to get to the bar before everyone left. In a little under an hour ( strong gusting headwinds ) I pulled into the parking lot to applause and shouts of disbelief with a blown exhaust gasket. There was quite a crowd:

The Autozone employee was confused by the concept of exhaust gasket material and so I made one out of an aluminum can which lasted about 15 miles. So I made another one and made it back before most of the group. Lots of fun, would have been better with some mopeds for company.

Re: Garnett KS Breast Cancer Awarness Biker Ride

Looks like fun! Believe me, I would much rather have been doing that than spending all day making sandwiches. Then again, if you had to chop off half the ride to try and keep up, I would have barely made it out on the road before I'd have had to turn around. :)

I think all Kansas Autozone employees are confused by basic concepts. Maybe the powers-that-be add something special to the employee water coolers to make them confused all the time?

Re: Garnett KS Breast Cancer Awarness Biker Ride

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

All Autozone employees are terrible. I once tried to get spark plugs for my puchs there...never again. I had the one I wanted to buy with me, and two different people couldn't figure out if they had them or not, or if they could order them or not. Luckily there is an Advance Auto Parts down the street with competent and friendly people...

Re: Garnett KS Breast Cancer Awarness Biker Ride

Hey Bangers I glad everything went well...i was a little worried when I called you :)

as for the Autozone people:

1.wait in the shadows on your moped near the Autozone

2. Wait till said employee gets off of work

3. follow them home (without them noticing you) Shouldn't be to hard since they have NO IDEA WHAT A MOPED IS according earlier statements

4. draw a map of the route and take pictures of their house

5. then mail it to them

6. this is the first step....(insert evil Laugh here)

Re: Garnett KS Breast Cancer Awarness Biker Ride

Edward Richardson /

No worries about me as long as I have beer cans and bailing wire (pronounced "bay-lin wa-r") I can rebuild the bike with a screw driver and a pair of pliars (pronounced "pla-rs")

Re: Garnett KS Breast Cancer Awarness Biker Ride

screw it you need a trunk monkey

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