OT: Shady auto mechanic in SF.

So my nissan sentra fails smog. I'm told that the state will pay $500 in emission related work if you qualify for the CAPS program. I qualify and am given a list of several shops to take my car to for $500 worth of work. I choose Guerrero shell on 16th and guerrero because of decent yelp reviews and proximity.

I show up and my car runs decently, but has the check engine light on.

I leave it overnight and they call me the next day.

"Your car has an oil leak and needs a tune up. The program does not cover these items. You need to fix these problems before we can use the $500 for the program. YOU will need to pay us $520, THEN we will do the all the emissions work and all the other costs will be covered by the program."

"uhhhh, I thought the program covered $500 worth of work?"


"I'm coming to get my car"


So, I roll over and pick up my car...

It's now stuttering and misfireing...

It wasn't doing this before, I drove it to san jose two days before and it ran great, now it won't even make it down the street, sh*t head mechanic did something to it.

"Hey, my cars running funny now. It wasn't like this when I showed up"

"Needs tune up, has bad oil leak!"

I drove it immediately over Richmond auto repair on 16th and south van ness. Master Mechanic Bob ReinHeimer drilled me about the car.

"why did the other shop turn down working on your car?"

"They didn't, just said it was going to be $520 for a tune up and it wasn't covered by the program"

"If a tune up helps your car pass smog, it's covered by the program."

I left my car with bob for 48 hours. When I picked it up he put in a new EGR system, new spark plug wires and gave it a tune up. Check engine light is officially off. Drives like a million bucks.

Cost to me......$28 co-pay.

The Program covered everything else.

Bob said that a spark plug wire was crushed and causing the engine to misfire......

Bob said it looked like some one crushed the spark plug wire with a pair of plyers.

Bastards.... how many people have these guys screwed?

A lot I bet.

Usually I would have done all my own work, but living in the city with out a garage and lack of tools sometimes you have to rely on others.

Thank god not all mechanics are crooks. I'm going to make a report to the BBB and others asap.

Crazy ass story though.


Re: OT: Shady auto mechanic in SF.

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

dude i would have fixed i for you. im a ford certified technician. oh well. you still a sunset rider? lol

Re: OT: Shady auto mechanic in SF.

Watch yourself, there are alot of them out there. You know whats worse then working with a shady auto mechanic? Working for one.

Re: OT: Shady auto mechanic in SF.

There was a place like that here.

Took my car in for new tires... when i left in handled like crap. steering would cut out at a certain point in the curve. try having a lose steering wheel for a second and see how that makes you feel.

my mom took her car to the same place, when she got it back... same exact problem.

Both cars had to have lower ball joint replaced.

Did this myself and fixed it 100%.

That place is now shut down.

Re: OT: Shady auto mechanic in SF.

Sounds like Bob's is the place to go from now on.

Re: OT: Shady auto mechanic in SF.

After reading your original posting , I figured that the first mechanic messed with the spark plugs wires, typical low life bastard. The sputtering was definitely a big give away. All is well that ends well. Don't go back there.

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