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Yes, this internationally well known Moped Adventure Travel Expert, Author, Poet, Speaker and Genuine Know It All About Everything including How To Fight Off Canadian Bears, Cougars, Wolves, and other pesky creatures will, for expenses and genuinely reasonable reimbursement considering the quality of the presenter and presentation, appear as Guest Speaker at your Moped Club's next Dinner Function, and he will even provide dinner, as held forth in the attached photo. You ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO MISS hearing this Incredible, almost Unbelievable Adventurer relate his 7,500 mile moped journey through the wildernesses of Canada. Moped Army Moderator Harry will be genuinely pleased to provide references and contact information for this Top Quality Speaker.


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Re: Book Moped Travel Pro Now

toe fur threadkiller /

heh, linda, i love you.

[not like a creepster]

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Right back atcha Topher, right back atcha. (I would have said that in the other post, but I thought bumping this one was bad enough.)

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I AM the Great Arrogantus /

Yes, I am .. Yes, Iam .. Yes, I am .. simply Wonderful!

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