Motobecane Timing Dilemma


I've tried re-setting my points using the "pencil in the spark plug hole" method. When I get the piston at it's highest point and then back it off some to get the points to open so I can set them, they do NOT open. The points only begin to open at the bottom of the stroke.

What do I do now? I'm assuming that this is the reason why my Moby won't start.


Re: Motobecane Timing Dilemma

find top dead center, then back off so the points close right before the piston is at top dead center. U may also have a short somewhere, also make sure u put the magnetocover on right.

Re: Motobecane Timing Dilemma

Thanks for the advice, but wouldn't it have to be mechanical in nature (like the timing being 180 degrees out) to cause the points not to open right before TDC? I'm going to pull the flywheel tomorrow and check the key to make sure it's there and that the flywheel isn't slipping. The only thing it could be is timing, right?

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