needing some advice

hey gang.. have a quick question... I had my hand control clutch cable brake just the end of it popped off. I am havinga hell of a time getting a enw one to work.. I have one but the head of it isn't as big as the old cables and the place that secures it slips some and doesn't force the cable to return after squessing the lever. How do I go about making the cable return.. its like the cable just stays in place after you squeese it.. if yu manula move the lever back the lever moves but the cable stays engauged. I don't know what the problem is. cables are my worst fear on a moped I can never get them to work right that why I abandoned my puegeot project for the time being.

anyways it is a 2 speed 71' Casal Transmision

any help would be apreciated i stillhave both parts to the old tranny. I tried to soder it but it dodn't really workl to well.. if i manage to get a good solder on it do you think this would last? I also have brass welding rob.. but im afraid the cable will melt before the brass is hot enought o weld it... im scared?

Re: needing some advice

Duck, ive had problems with cables ive use on different peds,I went to the hardware store and got cable cut the old cable end off and slide these on and they tight up with a screw. Dan

Re: needing some advice

Dan I have those on the end of the cable.. the part that is sliding is the part that connects the cable to the lever on the handbars... some reason when you pul the lever back it does slid the cable back.. but when the lever is released the lever moves back but the cables stays enguaged.. the cable slids withing the mechanism that pinches it or holds it to the lever instead of going back in to a rest posistion.. so the clutch is staying half way engauged when i release it

Re: needing some advice

is the lever on brake at wheel free? Pull the lever on the wheel by hand an see if it returns. if it don't the spring weak or broke. also the cable have fray or bent and not moving free .spray some oil lub in the cable to get the cable working freely.pull on cable to see its not dragging, its ether dragging at the wheel or in the cable

Cable ends

No kidding ?

You can get cable ends at the hardware store ?

I didn't know that .. going to try that next time... I made my own the last time.

duck.. could you rig up a spring to help the cable return ?

Re: Cable ends

it had a piece of rubber shaped like an accordian that worked.. I had the roginaly cable and cable end but the end jsut popped off.. how do i reattach it. Ihave a small butane torch and a roll of solder i tried to make it work but the solder just came loose.. but I half ass tried to do it ill be honest.

The cable is fine no frays or anything on the old one it broke clean actross right where the calbe attached to the little T.

Re: Cable ends

damn... I need some help I have the old cable thats fine not fraid or anthing the end just popped off... I tried to solder it but I might have just done a shitty job and that why it wasn't working.. it would pop off underpressure where i soldered it.. maybe cheap sodler? do you weld it or use brass or what?

I have a butane torch I can try and use the old cable if you guys htink it woll work.. i have just been unsuccesful in getting a good weld maybe? hell I dunno.. what do you all think? I'm waiting on a reply to see if i need to go outside and waste my time trying to solder this thing... Thanks.

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