Stolen Bat .Yellow Toptank In Boston

i took the liberty of reposting this cuase i figured the poor person is probably out there looking for it.

Boston Peeps keep an eye out for a yellow bat....

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Re: Stolen Bat .Yellow Toptank In Boston

Thanks for reposting. I actually got a lead from my post on Craig's List about this. Someone saw the bike being pushed east on Rt. 135 in Natick at 1:00 Thursday afternoon. They described a white guy, around 23, w/ dark hair. My wife and I went looking around the nearby neighborhoods on Friday evening and while we did see some suspicious stuff had no sign of my bike.

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wow. im surprised you even got that lead. scour the area and get that thing back!

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No problem

Put a Sign up saying "100 dolllar reward, no questions asked for return of ped"

see what shows up.

most people dont want it 100 bad.

What the hell they gonna do with it?

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Driving around we saw a fellow w/ a rental van full of bikes (non-motor) and asked if he'd seen a yellow ped; he said "no" and closed the door to the van - acted kinda shady. Ended up calling the police (who might get so sick of me calling with ideas and tips that they might just buy a replacement to get rid of me . . .). They said they'd send a car to look around (which they did) but doesn't seem like anything came of it.

Tomorrow will be putting up signs and canvasing neighborhoods.

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keep trying don't give up, you will ride that batavus once again!

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Thanks man, I really hope that's true. I just finished making a poster and am going to head over to Kinkos to make a bunch of copies now to put up in the area. Here's the poster if you happen to be in the Natick/Framingham area and want to put some up.

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(It was early AND I'm an idiot)

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