BOSTON: ride this sunday

ride this sunday, please. i finally got my moped to go fast again. still have a clutch problem, but you can just leave me behind to die if it starts seizing again.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

Hey Jay,

I think I will be able to escape from some grand parental responsibilities over the weekend and Sunday sounds like a plan. I need a mental health day but I'm not really down for driving all that fast.

I also wanna plan something out of our big back yard this summer, maybe a byob cookout and cruise around the beaches in Southie - a pretty cool place many are not familiar with. Might need some designated drivers for that one though. Wadda yuh think?

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

I may be up for a ride...Jay, give me a call tomorrow about tomorrow and Sunday - I'll be up around noon or so also riding around soon after...

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

hmm maybe i can probably run my benelli g2 il see how it runs i could probably take a ride down there

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

i have class both saturday and sunday morning-to-afternoon, also i don't have a running moped right now!

think of me when someone breaks down.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

I have to take a ride up the coast to Beverly to pick up some forks for my Magnum from Andrew if I can get that done today I'm in for a Sunday ride!

Phil (or anyone else) are you up for a ride up the coast? hit me up!

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

I might be around 2moro, or I might be going back to jersey for a few days. Not sure yet, email me if plans for a big ride go through though.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

im down.

maybe you should think about making me a khz member.


post more about this.


Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

i just got the jawa running, so i might be up for riding. I don't want to run the bike too hard yet, but I might be up for a sunday ride. where you guys thinking about meeting up?

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

i wouldnt mind riding out around south boston/castle island and such as per simonsez's recommendation.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

I'll be in NYC tomorrow, otherwise I'd be down.

Simonsez, where do you live? I'm right outside Andrew Square. Let's make that BBQ happen!

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday


I can't do this tomorrow, fellas.



Just got off the road from California with super Moby and just tore up and down the road on my 'new' 80cc Metra rigid I got from Donny in CT.

Super Moby already goes 55+.....when I can start it (the starter clutch is TOAST).

You all WILL SEE me this week or sooner. Let's make this happen! Have a good ride tomorrow....I will be on the north shore.


Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

man, nobody can do this weekend. i took the batavus out to castle island with a friend on his vespa last weekend. A+ ride. maybe we should plan for next weekend, instead.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday


I just realized I'm out next weekend too.

God dammit.

Yo.....can anyone do an evening ride this week? ANY DAY except Friday night.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

ben, i can. but a more or less stock batavus v. your super moby - thats not going to be a pretty sight. fratbone/daniel could keep up with you on his magnum, though, i bet.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

Yo...I could bring both if you want to ride the Rigid with the 80 Metra. Super Moby has no front brakes (I know...I know....bad news...I'm working to fix it). My bro has a 65 Metra Magnum that he could bring.

Let's talk!

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

let me know whats going on, ill ride up.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

yeah it looks like im out too for this weekend

i dont feel like gettin stuck half way to boston on my piece of shit benelli that im lucky to get to 30

next week il have my pepi done with the carabela engine on it and a nicer pipe

i need a damn gas tank from any small dirt bike

what about tonight, right now??


Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

I'm right off Broadway near Stop & Shop. We're gone to MN over the 4th, but I'm thinking about a bash somewhere after. Yeah, for those who never venture out to Southie it's a pretty good secret - well, except for March 17th. Castle Island and the beaches are some pretty cool spots.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

I'm up for tomorrow in and around Southie. Not looking to break any land speed records, just loping around the beaches, up and down Broadway - make some funny faces at people. Shit like that.

Jay? Dan? Others???

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

I'd let someone take one or both of the Pacers and I'll ride the Vespa, but when I get back Alice will have all my shit in the shed and I'll be sleeping with the bikes and the dogs.....

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

its a hike for me. like 2 hours until i get somwhere close to boston.


problems with my rear axle again. cant get the lock nut to stay tightened down. i dont feel like tearing everything apart - yet again - so i MAY be out off the board for tomorrow if i cant get it taken care of by then.

what is the deal with this? am i an idiot? i cant get this wheel to stay together.

Re: damn

Jay, need any help? Something I may be able to find here at home. I've got a lot of shit.

Re: damn

i just dont understand what im doing wrong. maybe one problem is that the cone/locknut on one side of the bike is permanently tightened, and immovable, so i only loosen/tighten one side when i do it?

i got a new axle and cones from mopedjunkyard, but the races are shaped a little different AND i have to pick up a no. 17 coning wrench to install it anyways. i think th e problem is i dont know how to do this the right way or something.

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

LOL Jay.... you know it!

I'm riding up the coast to Andrew's house in Beverly so I'll miss the rid..... but if it looks like it's going yo be a bid ride I may hoks off till later in the day so I can ride with y'all!

Re: damn

That nut should be free. Do you have equal amount of threads exposed on both sides? Can you grab the unthreaded part of the axle with a pair of vise grips without messing it up?

Re: BOSTON: ride this sunday

er.... im not a bad speller I'm just typing in the dark lol

I meant big ride

Re: damn

unfortunately theres no place to grab it with vice grips. i have tried everything. what does having equal space from each end of the cup do? is that crucial? i probably dont. send me an email off the board if you have any other advice. this is driving me crazy! (but i dont want to clutter up this thread with evidence of my lacking moped skills).

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