Reboreing a moped

If i where to get a piston off a higher cc scooter. how do you rebore it. and what kind of speed increase would there be.

Re: Reboreing a moped

The only real possibility of using a piston off of a bigger cc engine is going from 49 to 50 cc, that probably won't work, it'll just screw up your cylinder, normal boring is in .010 inch increments, you would probably have to go more than .100 inches to get one more cc. boring to the next size offers very little power increase, if you really want more power you need to buy a 65 or 70 cc kit.

Re: Reboreing a moped

I have a suzuki Fa50. Could I buy a Speed kit like for a honda or diffrent brand the suzuki.

Re: Reboreing a moped

Can't help you on that one, I have Puchs and one Honda Express, and 5 motorcycles, what you should do is call or e-mail one of the shops that sells them and ask them, if they don't know there are hundreds more shops out there, someone will know.

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