PLEASE HELP need a Suzuki fa50 manual

Im working with my dad this weekend on my bike and need a manual were both broke so if anyone has an electronic pdf or something that would be awesome.

Re: PLEASE HELP need a Suzuki fa50 manual

Re: PLEASE HELP need a Suzuki fa50 manual

yee ha fa 50! i got one in boxes, now it freaking screams. you got the manual from these guys, so here's a little tip... it might climb RPM's with no apparent way to stop it. i found the spark plug boot kept slipping off the plug, and when it barely touched anymore, that's when the rpm problem occured. turn the engine off and use needle nose pliers to gently squeeze the contact inside the boot a bit so it grips the plug better. oh and if you have to crack open the final drive case, try to always use a new gasket putting it back together, and be nice to the screws, they're soft.

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