The Lone Rider

I've got to tell ya, ive only had my moped for about 4 weeks now, but WOW i'm hooked. It is by far the coolest hobby i have ever had (and ive had alot). But i really think i may be one of, if not the only, mopeder in Casper, Wyoming. Its cool cuz its like a foreign space craft to most people. I'm tryin to find some other people here in casper that ride and i was just curoius if anyone had any tips on rounding up other mopeders in a small town. Anyone else out there feel like they r the only mopeder in their city?

Re: The Lone Rider

There are 8 registered moped owners in Wyoming according to the moped owners directory. According to my highly unscientific calculations, that means that Wyoming is ranked 47th out of 51 (states + DC) in terms of moped owners as a percentage of a state population. I'm pretty sure that means you've got it worse than most of the rest of us. That sounds like some extra incentive to go to rallies to me!

Re: The Lone Rider

Yes there are 8, however if you look at the last time most of them logged on it was years lonely!!!lol the good news is my coworkers told me that some guy pulled up on a moped earlier this morning to check out mine!!! there may be light at the end of this narrow tunnel

Re: The Lone Rider

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Say hi to Casper for me.

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