diesel moped engine

does anyone know about diesel moped engines or how to convert to ?


Re: diesel moped engine

Ron Schild /


I don't believe this exists. I have never even heard of a Diesel powered motorcycle, let alone a moped. A Diesel engine is much heavier and robust than any gasoline engine, so weight alone is a limiting factor. Converting a 2-stroke moped engine to the high compression ratios of a Diesel would probably destroy it within a few minutes of operation - and that does not even consider all the other stuff a Diesel requires, like the precision injector system.

Once a long time ago, I remember a buddy of mine had a single cylinder Diesel powered roto-tiller. This was a commercial unit; as he was a professional landscaper. But, this thing was hell to start with its pull rope. By the time it got going, you were too tired to run it. That is the smallest Diesel engine I have ever seen.

Hope this helps,

Ron Schild

Re: diesel moped engine

Ron Brown /

I recall reading an article a couple of years ago about a european company building deisel motorcycles.

I think it was something to do with the military requiring all thier vehicles to run on the same fuel.


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Damien Weaver /

For what it's worth, there's a company in Reading, PA that is supposedly building a hybrid electric/diesel motorcycle, although I don't know anything about it or them. They're at www.ecycle.com . Here's the blurb about it from my local sustainable energy organization, NESEA:

eCycle, Inc., of Reading, Pa., is developing a hybrid motorcycle that will employ a 125 cc diesel engine and a 15 kW electric motor. Additionally, eCycle will begin marketing its electric drivetrains and charging systems for consumer and industrial applications this year. www.ecycle.com or 610-939-0480.

Re: diesel moped engine

There are 2 diesel motorcycle engines that I know of for sure.. and others in 3rd World countries

One is the Kawasaki KLR650 4 stroke motor built by Kawasaki for the US Army.. because they only want to supply one fuel to the field.. Not for sale that I know of.

The other is for sale in India.. It is the Royal Enfield Bullet.. built from the same basic British design from the 50's to this day as a 500cc 4 stroke single.. I don't know what they do to convert it to diesel.. but the gas RE Bullit is sold in the US.. maybe the diesel too?

I know that some other companies like Jawa have sold diesel fueled motorcycles in 3rd world countries.. and I think they were 2 strokes.. and you started them with gasoline.. then switched to diesel after a minute.

Re: diesel moped engine

In 1954 I recall a very small diesel motor mounted to the front fork of bicycles.

It had a friction drive, a very small exhaust pipe down the fork and curled back.

A simple mushroom valve in the head, to release compression to start.

Re: diesel moped engine

I forgot to say that was in Germany

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