QT50 head modifacation.

I have a QT50, It allways max's out at 50KM/h or 30MPH anywasy when it hits its top speed it feels like a govenor kiks in but it seems that the piston is hitting the head, which it probably is not, anyws if you take off the head and look at it you will notice a lip before the bowl, now if i were to take a dremel and shave a bit off there, the cc would increase a bit and i would gain power, but would there be any side effects and would this govenor sound go away?, has anyone ever done this? if so let me know on what i should do.

Re: QT50 head modifacation.

chuck russo va /

that wont help. it would prolly give it lower compression, your best ebst is to mill the head for higher compression. and then port your exhuast, modify your airbox for more air flow and then somehow deretrict your pipe

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