Cops ignore traffic laws

I know this is a little 'off-topic', but i still want to know what happen in other states.

In NYC here, when I drive or ride my peds on the road, very often I see those police patrol cars passing red lights, turning/changing lanes without signals, driving without seat belts, making unauthozied U-turns...etc. Of course, I am talking about when they are not responding to any emergencies.

To me, I don't normally criticize cops, but i also find this so ridiculous: they are law enforcement officers, but breaking the traffic laws at the same time. How weird...they (NYPD) give me an expression that they can do whatever they want.

Does this happen often in other states too?



Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

InfectedBootSector /

You'll see it anywhere. Hell, I've seen em going 20 or 30 mph over the limit on I68 here in MD. The people do it to, so no one really gives a damn.

Who knows...

Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

it happens all the time here in canada.

It happens everywhere I've been

Cops ignore laws for the simple reason that THEY CAN. Let's not launch into another protracted debate about "good" cops vs. "bad" cops. But I point out their transgressions to them every chance I get. I flag them over and point out their behavior or I report them (properly and politely) to their superiors. I've filed police reports more than once to complain about cops making left-on-red maneuvers and wrong way travel up one-way streets. It hasn't resulted in any suspensions or disciplinary action as far as I know, but then, I probably wouldn't be told if there were any. But the important thing is, I stay on their backs. I use legal and proper methods to ride these guys. It certainly doesn't stop the behavior, but I know it irritates the hell out of them. Somehow, it makes me feel just a little bit better knowing that they've been reminded that we're watching, and that they can't get away scott-free with their scofflaw attitudes without catching at least some sh_t about it.

Re: Bicycle police

Have you ever seen a bicycle cop NOT stop for a redlight? Or ride on a sidewalk? or go the wrong way down a one way?

All illegal. The illegal part doesn't bother me. Kids look up to cops....Cops should set the example by opeying EVERY bicycle and traffic law, unless they are actually in pursuit.

I see cops do all kinds of illegal moves. Kinda makes you want to hang out w/a videocam at all times.

Of course...maybe he's responding to a non-urgent call, doesn't want to siren everyone...

Sometime, follow a cop, and make it clear you're videoing him. I'll bet 20$ he breaks the law to get off camera

Re: Bicycle police

Here's a funny one.

I live in Northern Ireland, and locally we have a nice prominade walkway. It runs along the back of the beach in from of some houses. There is a 20 foot drop onto the beach.

A few months back, my mate was belting down towards this walkway on his mountain bike, and came to the 90 degree corner (round a high wall) that takes you onto the walkway.

He shot round it at about 35 Kph and hit square on, a bike cop coming the other way at 30Kph. The cop ended up over the handle bars and drop the 20 foot drop. My mate ended up with a broken arm.

The cop had been there because local dog walkers had complained about speeding cyclists. Things is, there were no charges pressed from the cops, because the bike cop was breaking the law.

I wish I was there to see, porky pig the cop fly off that wall.

Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

JD, I admire and appreciate your actions of 'reporting them' in different ways. After 9/11 I see stickers like "Proud to be an American" everywhere. I think obaying its laws is the first step of loving your country. I wish there are police officers reading these messages too.

Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

on friday a cop past us on a road that was sapost to be 80 and the cop was doing 160 when the cop tried to pass my dad my dad went faster so he could not pass us lolz

Now THAT's kind of dumb

Interfering with a police officer is a crime, at least where I've lived. That kind of stunt may get you a ticket.

Better idea: Jot down the cop's car or plate number, and then call the department to complain. Ask the desk sergeant if the cop was on an urgent call. If not, demand that he be reprimanded and follow up with another call to ensure it happened.

I've done it. It worked.


Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

WAAAH! Cops are mean! WAAAH!

Re: Cops ignore traffic laws


Thanks for that informative and articulate contribution to this thread. LOL


Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

JD, your gay dude. What happens when you do something illegal and a cop doesn;t do anything to you, just tells you not to do it again or first warning?

Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

When a cop doesn't do "anything," then I guess what happens is NOTHING. What's your point?

Either way, I don't understand what any of this has to do with my sexual orientation.

laws don't apply to cops - they're better than us

mopehead wrote:


> WAAAH! Cops are mean! WAAAH!

yeah well ... why don't you take a long walk off a short pier.

this is the source of the reason Cops are hated by many.

If THEY had to obey the same rules and regs they cram down OUR throats... they would suddenly become more like human beings.

Because they would be face by the same CRAP ! ... over trivial inconsequential garbage.

THEY should have to take time off work to go kiss prosecutor and judge rear ends.

THEY should face drivers license suspensions

THEY should pay ridiculously high tickets

THEY should have to pay ridiculously high insurance premiums.

THEY should have to pay an idiot to 'represent' them.

THEY should lose their jobs because their license has too many points.

(and they would .. since they have to drive for their living)

If cops had to face all those same things... THEY would suddenly see the ridiculous driving/ticket/enforcement system for what it is.

..... a fucked up system to make money for 'public servants' in an ever growing bureaucracy with no accountability .... that screws with normal average people for no good reason.

But they don't have to face these things because cops don't give cops tickets.

So they think their shit don't stink.. and they think other laws ALSO don't apply to them.

.... you being a 'government employee' ... have you ever shown your firefighter ID to a Cop and got off on a ticket ?

Re: Cops ignore traffic laws

billy bob /

u got to get over it bud

one cop was smoking bud and i saw it yea what a fucker

Hey billy bob in WI

you've got nothing to say

... this isn't your little personal playground to be an idiot.

Either grow up or take a hike.

Worst case

In downtown LA a few years back, two units were responding to the same call.

To get there faster, one went the wrong way on a one way street. It was a weekend morning.

Coming up to a blind intersection, he blew through, T-boning the other unit.

Result: Both units at the bottom of a construction excavation. Two cops dead, one in the hospital with serious injuries and one unhurt.

The uninjured cop was a rookie who was wearing his seat belt!


Re: laws don't apply to cops - they're better than

saw on CNN a while back about a town that got fed up because their auto insurance for the police dept. was outrageous, so they FORCED the cops to obey all traffic laws. went so far as to empower some one to give 'em tickets or make 'em get out and walk. 1/2 the force quit. weren't even supposed to speed in a PURSUIT <giggles uncontrollably picturing it> serves 'em right. crime didn't go up any, and their insurance rate went down...

Re: laws don't apply to cops - they're better than

if that was real, I guess everyone is pleased about it.

Easy, Fred

Hey, I didn't mean to get you so riled up Fred. I was only adding a little light-hearted (I thought!) comment to the ongoing cop-bashing that seems to happening lately.

But since I'm here, I will say that it seems kinda shitty to be constantly generalizing and typecasting a group of people when we, as a forum, seem to consider ourselves to be open and accepting of others.

I know that there are a lot of "bad" cops out there. And I know that the nature of the job attracts more than it's share of people with less than desirable qualities. But I also know that there are a lot of good cops out there too, that do take their job seriously, and do want to protect and serve their community by keeping the bad guys off the street. But we seem to revel more in the "bad cop" stories than the good.

I wonder how many asshole cops we lost at the World Trade Center?

As a firefighter I do interact with a lot of local cops, on crash scenes, or domestic calls, or whatever, and while I certainly can't speak on the whole lot, I can say that most of the one's I know are just guys like you (yes, you) and me. They have a family to raise and bills to pay and high insurance premiums just like the rest of us.

If someone out there is doing nothing wrong and gets treated badly by an asshole cop I'm sorry. Tough break. It's happened to me too.

But if someone is out being a dumbass and endangering my safety or the safety of my family and a cop does what he has to do to stop it well then reap what you sow.

And no, I have NEVER used my ID to "get out of" a ticket.

I drive a '71 Toyota Corona that couldn't get up the balls to speed if it wanted to. I also HAVE to obey all traffic laws because I drive a firetruck for a living and would be demoted by MY department if I amassed any points.

Enough of the soapbox. That's my 2 cents. Sorry if I pissed anyone off. Especially you Fred.

Above the law

Yeah .. my first statement in my rant was too strong towards you personally .. sorry.

How many asshole cops did we lose in the WTC hit ?... I'm sure there were plenty ... just because they were unlucky enough to be there at the wrong place and time does NOT make ANY of them angels ... or 'heroes' .. a term the media is way too quick to toss around.

But thats really another subject... and not the point here.

The point here for me is... cops don't get tickets... they break the same dam laws all day long that they turn right around and jam down out throats.

That is 100% wrong .. and since they don't get tickets... they don't think there is a problem.

...... THAT ......... is the problem

I'd like to see a TV news program like Dateline (or whoever) drive around and film cops in action breaking laws right and left..... then I'd like them to publish the ticket records for say.... 1000 cops around the country.

So we could see the ratio of cops geting tickets vs the general public getting tickets.

aaaah ... but cops are LESS likely to break the traffic laws aren't they ?

I say ... NO.

I believe the kind of people who are attrcacted to law enforcemsnt are thrill seekers to some degree... and are in fact MORE likely to break traffic laws while 'having fun'.

Especially when they can do it in taxpayer purchased cars with taxpayer purchased gas and tires and maintenance ...

... (cop says... so I beat the crap out of the car for no reason except for me to have fun... who cares? ... I DON"T HAVE TO PAY FOR FIXING IT... AAHAHAHA !)

Re: Easy, Fred


don't worry. Fred's mad at me for using his name in post titles.

Can't win 'em all.


Re: Easy, Killer

Whoops--- I just did it again---!

Now I'll never get good advice. Drat.

Re: Above the law

this is why whenever cops get caught in drunk driving, or in other crimes on TV, everybody loves to stand up and critiize them. They make people to hate them.

Sometimes I really don't understand why don't they just stop for the red lights and wait for 30 seconds, or at most 1 minute, that 1 minute can win countless respect from other drivers who are watching them. Isn't it a better deal for them?

But don't blame them for breaking those simple laws since most of them only finished high school

Re: Above the law

this is why whenever cops get caught in drunk driving, or in other crimes on TV, everybody loves to stand up and critiize them. They make people to hate them.

Sometimes I really don't understand why don't they just stop for the red lights and wait for 30 seconds, or at most 1 minute, that 1 minute can win countless respect from other drivers who are watching them. Isn't it a better deal for them?

But don't blame them for breaking those simple laws since most of them only finished high school, you know, they still think like a kid. Smart guys would go for FBI, not local PD.

Re: Above the law

Mavic wrote:

> But don't blame them for breaking those simple laws since

> most of them only finished high school, you know,

Maybe some day you will finish high school.

Re: Above the law

yeah, i guess you and me will graduate on the same day, Mr. Fred


Reeperette /

>>just because they were unlucky enough to be there at the wrong place and time does NOT make ANY of them angels ... or 'heroes' .. a term the media is way too quick to toss around.<<

While I do acknowledge that particular point, one bit of imagery from that event kinda sticks with me, and it's implications.

The first firefighter and ambulance teams on site continued to work and triage casualties on-site and evac the ones who could be moved as quickly as possible even with the threat of the buildings coming down on them, which unfortunately did happen....they took at least 50% casualties when that happened too, and in spite of that, those who remained and were able continued to do their job even in the face of that.

Most military units would not remain cohesive at 50% casualties, much less remain in the field.

There was a scene out of the panorama when they swept the camera that showed a row of ambulaces, smashed and half-buried under chunks of rubble, and seeing the deserted hulks sitting there in orderly rows, that really stuck with me.

For all that I come down on public servants when they act like self-serving, pompous, swaggering arrogant crapheads, when they stand and deliver, I respect that as much as I despise misconduct.

Those firefighters, both those who never came back, and those who stood firm and did their duty in the face of such horror, have my deep and profound respect.

Here's to you, guys,


Re: Heroism.

I agree with Reeperette, thanx guys. Just remember though, Fire fighters put their lives on the line EVERY day. Not just once in a while (like cops). they don't intimidate people to do their job. they don't harass people to get their job done. They go into EVERY call with the chance that they may not come back. To do their job, you have to have balls big enough to haul around in a wheelbarrow.

don't get me wrong, I know cops risk their life every day. I respect that, I really respect that. But at the same time, Firefighters just by their job description don't ride around and screw with people either. Nobody planned on dying that day. But I have profound respect for EVERYONE who did their job to try and save people, even when they KNEW they might not be able to save theirselves. THAT TAKES BALLS. BIG ONES. EVEN THE WOMEN HAD TO BRAKE OUT WHEELBARROWS TO HAUL THEM AROUND.

If ALL civil servants would hold themselves to the same standards, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion.

Of all the police officers I've met, I could probably count the ones I like as a human being on one hand. I DO respect the fact that even the doughnut chomping asshole kind still have to take chances. Undercover cops don't fall in this category because I think they are as crooked as the criminals they bust. Well, the ones they don't turn into snitches to bust other people (shades of Nazi secret police and KGB guys). Real cops wear uniforms and badges and don't pretend to be anything besides cops....

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