Honda scooter performance shops?

Dale Seeley /

Hey all...

At the risk of getting too scooter oriented here (is there a 'scooter army' I should know about?) I'd like to ask for recommendations for scooter shops that are familiar with the Elite 80 (1986). Best case would be a shop that doesn't just sell parts, but also has experience with living with the parts. is a good example, as is, unfortunately, neither works with the Honda products....

Thanks in advance,


Re: Honda scooter performance shops?

Reeperette /

Scooter Therapy, they're in the resources section under links, I do believe.


Re: Honda scooter performance shops?

InfectedBootSector /

Yep. Scooter Therapy can hook ya up. You may want to do a search for Hawian Scooter shops... they are the Honda performance Mecca and get all the cool stuff from Japan.

Someone did nab the Scooter Army domain the last time I checked...

Re: Honda scooter performance shops?

david f martin /

Also try (a Hawian shop).


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