Is it a pain to change a sprocket?

I want to install a larger front sprocket on my Minarelli-engined Cimatti to convert some of my newfound horsepower into top speed. (What I wouldn't give for a variator....)

Am I going to need any special tools to do this, i.e., am I going to have to pull a flywheel or anything? Would it be easier to install a smaller rear sprocket?

Just for kicks, has anyone ever been able to retrofit a variator to an old Minarell V1?

Re: Is it a pain to change a sprocket?

No way....

Re: Is it a pain to change a sprocket?

Which question were you answering?

Re: Is it a pain to change a sprocket?

the part about putting a variator on the minarelli...

Re: Is it a pain to change a sprocket?

Isn't anyone gonna give me some help on this one??? I rely on you gize!

Awright, awright..

Reeperette /

While no particular expert on the Minarelli V1, in my experience sprocket replacement is usually a quick and nearly painless process, usually not needing special tools.

As with flywheel removal, there are workarounds in the case where special tools would be helpful, but are unavailable.

Depending on how it's mounted, the difficulty of changing a front sprocket versus a rear is about the same, and either one can be done quickly if you know what yer doing.

(That means it'll likely take a rookie a while......)

Generally changing the front sprocket by one tooth, is equal to changing the rear sprocket by four teeth, so it depends on how much of a change you wish to make, if minor, do the rear sprocket, if major, do the front.

I hope that helps out a bit, and yer welcome to try referencing Tomos sprocket change info (posted under "tomos boatload") to get a general idea of the process.


Re: Awright, awright..

Chris MWH /

No special tools will be needed to install the sprocket on the Minarelli . But here is a tip . Keep the chain on so you can hold the wheel (and thus the sprocket)while you remove and install the sprocket retaining nut. You want to see a minarelli V1 with a variator. I'll show it to you very shortly . I have one that I am doing up with a 75 cc kit and 17 mm amal carb. It is going to replace the non variator V1 with a 75 kit that is currently on my General 5 star who's engine will be transplanted into my Cimatti city bike. I will try to get you some pics by the weekend.

Chris MWH

Re: Awright, awright..


I am intensely interested in seeing what you're doing with your City Bike. If I can't get another 5 MPH or so out of mine, I might have to dump it and go for a scooter. It's just too slow to be safe driving around here on a regular basis.

Although I have upgraded the exhaust and carb (and next is the front sprocket, which I will order through Moped Warehouse) I've avoided the 75 cc kits because I'm concerned about what damage the extra power will eventually inflict on the rest on the drive train. But the variator sounds very interesting, particularly if you're going to cobble together something stout enough to handle the extra HP from the 75 cc displacement.

Please keep me informed of your progress!


Re: Awright, awright..

Chris MWH /

JD. do not be afraid of the 75 cc kit on your minarelli . I can vouch that it willhandle it without problem. For my variator I do not even need to do anything at all. I have a brand new minarelli variator V1 that I will be using.(no they do not make of parts for them any more but I have a ton parts for it) I also have some P4 variator engines (vertical cylinder like on Larry's safari) and some morini vertical variator engines with kick start.

I have a lot of toys to play around with but not nearly enough time to do so.

Chris MWH

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