oil for moped?

hi, i just drained my oil and replaced gaskets but now i dont know what kind of oil 2 use... any insight?-THANKS!

Re: oil for moped?

what kind of bike is it?

Do you mean the for the transmission?

Re: oil for moped?

its a 78 intramotor gloria, but i dont think it's supposed 2 use transmission fluid because the old oil was very dark although it is what lube's the clutch.. my friend said 10w30 would that work?

Re: oil for moped?

michael zeeman /

hi jacob, i own a derbi and i use 2-cycle oil for mopads.

try it and see if works?

p.s. e-mail me back !

Re: oil for moped?

Is the engine a Morini?

I am guessing either 20W or 30W non-detergent.

Re: oil for moped?

Fan O'Torque /

The best thing to do is to ask the manufacturer.

Re: oil for moped?

In the transmission:

use 10w30 Non-Detergent. Use Synthetic for clutch slipping action.

Re: oil for moped?

cool , thanks guys!!

Re: oil for moped?

the drifter /

yes, its important to use synthetic 2 stroke oil. Here this site explains the oil and other things that are good to know.


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