Reporting misconduct of cop

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If you feel that you where harassed or abused by a cop the law is there for you. Yes, there are bad cops too. My apologies.Here is a site that will help you file a complaint against the officer that harassed you. Why worry

Re: Reporting misconduct of cop

did you guys EVER get hassled cross-country? Something I've wanted to ask, since I heard about your first trip.

Re: Reporting misconduct of cop

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nothing will really come of us reporting the cops, cops are pretty much above and beyond the law, unless its widely publicized

Re: Reporting misconduct of cop

Cops are above and beyond the laws? You talking about other countries?

Re: Reporting misconduct of cop

I got a cop in SO much trouble for hanging up on me. I had a valid complaint, and the phone supervisor REFUSED to send someone to take my complaint (which was against an officer)

when they asked my name, I told them (I'm a known rabble rowser).

They HUNG up on me..... I composed a 2 page explanation of the event(s) sent it directly to the chief, and asked how long I had to escalate it to a "Formal" complaint. They said 20 days, and so I called on the 20th day, and said I'd decided to leave it informal, and let them handle it internally.

At least in Maine, if you have a valid complaint it will get addressed. We're big enough so we aren't at "Hick" status, but not big enough to get the "Big City" "blue line" attitude.

Portland, sister city to south portland has recently been in big trouble. Russ S. will remember this. The cops caught some guy who ran (probably due to a previous beating) and although he had no crime except running, they beat him until spinal fluid was running out of his nose like snot.

He won a LOT of money....and now just about everyone who doesn't get handles with "kid gloves" is ready to file a complaint.

The city council, also formally reprimanded the Chief (Chitwood) a big city cop, come to portland to take care of any trouble w/ gestapo tactics.

You see, when the cops beat people until spine fluid leaks from their sinuses, the taxpayers foot the bill. Ouch....I just bought a house. I want vandals and punks taken care of, but not beaten to death.

Personal note: My father was nearly killed, in a coma for a while, with a fractured skull dished out by the police. I taught him how to read, eat, do math, stuff like that, so I am critical of the "Police"....not trusting the good ones, even. Even the 'Best" cop will still stick by another cop's story.

Re: Reporting misconduct of cop

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TheMopedsGuys are offering a good idea. The problem with using internal affairs within the local police department is that they(I.A.) have incentive to down-play any complaint to avoid law suits. To get action you must get an investigation started by an entity outside the local police department.

Cops aren't above the law, and they can be, and are prosecuted. But it takes solid evidence from multiple sources to get it done.

some friends of mine were victim of misconduct

2 of my friends were walkin around and a officer drew his gun out, and asked them for their ids....he said oh sorry, wrong kids and left. they reported him

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