The PA-50 from HELL!

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Hung out with Fred yesterday, and got to ride that sweet "Tow Truck" PA-50 of his, that damn thing will indeed do 50+ Mph, but once it started gettin there I backed the hell off the throttle quick, it's SCARY.

He's found that prime "Sweet spot" in the gear range, where ya get a constant smooth accelleration all the way across the band, without any hitch, just a nice smooth curve all the way to wind out, and I ain't sure I even wanna know what that puppy winds out at, damned if even I am gonna try to find out.

The PA has like, a slower, gentler kinda handling I ain't used to, it feels almost top-heavy to me, but it handles pretty well for all that, till ya get past 45mph, anyhow...pretty smooth even then.

Got to zoom around behind Fred fer a while on the Suzuki Fa-50 too, and it's a real corner-carver, as I remember, but the Japanese bikes handle real different from the euro bikes, and it was kinda weird getting used to it again....especially when I am currently used to driving a Euro-ped based trike.

Anyhow, Fred's definately found that prime "Sweet Spot" gearing range on the PA-50 Variator, which so many of us have strived for on other mopeds.

That thing is Psycho, seriously...


Re: The PA-50 from HELL!


Re: The PA-50 from HELL!

The PA isn't really all that fast on acceleration .. as you can see from the 0 to 25 time ... its really just average in that department.

My own stock FA does 0-25 25% faster.

(the PA kind of bogs from 0 to 13)

but after that last change ... it did become really nice and smooth thru the powerband.

... and the deeper toned exhaust noise makes makes it more fun to ride now too.

.. and Ree said its scary at over 45?... not from the bike doing anything wrong... the bike itself is still smooth and stable ... I think its mostly just .. you are scared because you are going 'so fast' on a little moped.

.. it is a little freaky .. and you have to be wearing a helmet with face shield or your eyes will water pretty bad from the wind.

I still have changes in mind though.

I ain't even close to being done yet.

Re: The PA-50 from HELL!

on that PA of yours, whats the rim size on your wheels? if i were you, i would pick up a set of motorcycle tires from JC whitney a quarter size bigger than stock if it will fit, such as 2.50X16 on a 2.25X16 rim you will get a MUCH more stable ride and also have a tread design suited to the kind of riding it sounds like your gonna be doing. also get some GOOD riding armor! damn your gonna need it! mopeds (besides the big ones like cosmo and avanti) feel SCARY at speeds higher than 45mph & if you fall you will get BEAT, so save yourself a lot of lost skin and get some good riding gear if you dont have it already.


p.s. would you all yell at me if i showed up at next years BBQ on a '76 KZ400 motorcycle? i dont think my avanti would be able to survive the journey & by then that bike should be running well enough to get me there in one piece. it looks KINDA like a vintage moped......just a HELL of a lot bigger & lacking pedals! lol! sorta like a stick shift batavus HS50 on anabolic steroids!

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