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I want to get the 65 cc kit for my cosmo avanti.... will thsi kill me engine? Also, what do i ahve to get or change for this new kit to run good???

Since I live in jersey, could I come with my moped and have you guys install it for me?

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You could've probably just emailed them man.

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Chris MWH /


I had tried to e-mail you on this . Maybe it did not go through. To be honest I am not a real big fan of the kit on the cosmo or Avanti because they have so much clutch/transmission problems and the kit really aggravates the problem. I have had no problems at all installing them on actual Garelli mopeds. I have heardthat they are trying to make a new clutch assembly for it but no word onwhen it is available. In the mean time the hot ticket is to pick up any oldgarelli VIP 2 speed engines you can find and swap the parts out.

Chirs MWH

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You should email Chris directly instead of posting to this forum. Not only will you be sure that he got it, but you won't clutter up this forum with a private question.



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so, i will have to buy a whole new moped when they release the new transmission and cluth?? I havn't had a problem with my cluth or tranny and have driven it 2100+ KM. Not one lock up, and I have gone maybe 50 mph with her..... down hill.... Does that chnage anything??

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What the hecks wrong with you ?

Can't you read ?

Simon told you to email the guy directly.

Whats so hard to understand ?

.. if you want to talk to someone specifically ... email them ... forums are not for that.

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