Stolen Batavus - Natick

I got this last week as a birthday gift and today - less than a week after I got it running and four days before my actual birthday - someone stole it from the West Natick train station. It was all locked up nice and tight this morning and this afternoon when I got home - poof! - it was gone . . .

It's a yellow 1978 Batavus Starflite and I'm way beyond bummed that it's gone. Let me know if you see it around please let me know.



Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

you know... did you report it to the police? because it occurs to me that there may be surveilance cameras there at the train station. might be worth looking into.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

I did - and they came down and were totally helpful - but there is no camera there :(

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

that blows...i'm sorry man.

how did you have it locked up? always curious to hear what lock situation was going on when a ped gets stolen so I can take it all into consideration.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

that's a bummer man. I live in sudbury so I'll keep a lookout for it.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

theres not too many yellow starflites around if i see it il let ya know im about 40 miles north of natic you never know

it seems that every stolen moped always ends up in lawrence well at least the ones from around here do

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

I'll keep my eyes open too in the Boston area. I hope you didn't use a basic braided cable to lock up - they're really terrible!

Just a few pointers from others in the past - talk to as many neighborhood kids as possible. Tell them that there's a $100 no questions asked reward - it may be your best bet for a recovery. And do it as soon as you can since time is of the essence!

Another method is offering the same to pizza delivery guys - they're out the most on the streets and it will greater expand your search.

Not to make you overly worried, but the one thing I worry about the most is not kids taking joyrides on a stolen ride, it's adults that chop them for the metal. Just about every metal is at an all-time high at the moment and people are getting really desperate to make a buck.

Best of luck man, and I hope you get your bike back!

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

i'll keep my eyes on craigslist.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

whats funny is that someone would steal a Batavus for scrap metal, when dorks like me would pay ten times the weight value for some of those parts...

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

It was locked to a bike rack with a pretty big cable - through the front wheel, twisted around the rack post, back through the frame and around another post. . .

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

Yeah, i did have a cable lock on the thing - what is optimal?

Good ideas and advice on who to talk to to get feet on the street - I'm also planning to post a sign at the station this weekend. Even though I hate the idea of them I sure wish there'd been a camera there . . .

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

The cop who came to take the report said he expects to see a lot more of these being lifted. Totally sucks. I'm torn about replacing it because I would have to part there again and worry that I'm just opening the door for that one to be taken too.

dont use a cable lock

i know its too little, too late, but like phil said, cable locks. . . you might as well not even use them. they can be hacksawed or cut in two seconds: van pull up in front of it, blocking it from view, someone comes out and slices the cable very quickly, lifts the biks into a van and drives off. no one notices anything except a van parked.

it is essential to use one of those huge kryptonite chain locks, or the equivalent thereof. yes, they are heavy to carry around and yes, and thieves want something, they will get it. but it takes a lot longer to cut through on of those - in most cases you have to get through a half inch or more of solid steel, which rules out the type of fly-by theft that probably happened in your case.

anyhow, if i see anyone on a yellow starflite i am going to u-lock them in the face head on and ride off with their moped no my back.

Re: dont use a cable lock

Couldn't have said it better than Jay...those cable locks are terrible and should only be sold in small towns where the only crime you have to worry about is the price of gas.

If all is lost and you do decide to replace it, I would get a Kryptonite Faghettaboudit NY clock - pretty much the standard tough lock at the moment, and heavy as all hell. If you use one of those to the frame of your bike and around a pole, it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Re: dont use a cable lock

but you could have said it with fewer typos, i bet.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

This really sucks man. Very sorry to hear this. I'm in Southie and will also keep my eyes and ears open.

Pizza delivery people is a good idea. So is going to a few local post offices with a single 8 1/2 x 11 color page with pictures, contact info., police info, etc. and speaking the whomever is in charge and asking if they will post it on their bulletin board. Most of them will do it without hesitation. Several years ago my family located a stolen dog this way.

I'd be willing to guess that the numbers of daily riders/commuters is only going to increase and so will the numbers of this type of thread.

It only takes a second and I think we all tend to let our guard down on a regular basis, especially when necessity forces us to do so.

Cameras, locks, security staff - it's a bunch of shit. I would not feel the least bit secure locking up my peds in any public place, particularly a T station. I would also never lock them up in the same place every day - people may be watching, know when you get there, know when you leave. Nor would I ever lock them to a parking meter - there are only 1 to 3 - 1/4" Allen head set screws that hold the head of those things to the poles. They're only made of thin die-cast aluminum or plastic anyway, a sharp twist and a lot of them will pop right off or snap off. And the 2" square galvanized street signs/posts that everybody has their thousand dollar fixed gear bikes chained to... forget about it. I'll take you downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, the Fens, J.P., Allston, Brighton... anywhere in Boston, anywhere in any city - and find one that will pull right out of the sidewalk with something that was chained to it.

I'm of the firm belief, if you so desired, you could walk down the street in any major city with bandoleers over each shoulder, grenades around your waist, C4 duct taped to your chest, an Uzi in one hand, a Mac 10 in the other with a knife clenched between your teeth... and if you looked like you knew what you were doing nobody would notice or bother you. Just think of the last time you saw that dude with the Matrix type full length coat with the 36" bolt cutters hanging on the inside.

I've been lucky. I've made it a point to have the luxury of being able to see it where ever I have parked it while in public and rarely am I gone longer than 5 minutes. I've also spoken with building superintendents or attendees and found secure parking in storage rooms, locked alleys, etc.

Look at this poor motherfucker:

and nobody stopped to help him. Then who the fuck would care about someone stealing a moped?

Just gotta be vigilant.

Death by dragging

I say, if you catch some prick stealing your ped that you should take what remains of your hundred dollar hardware, chain one end around the dummys leg, the other end to the back of your ped and drag them as far as you can.

Re: Death by dragging

yeah. basically, if you do it with authority, you can cut a lock in the middle of heavy foot traffic, and no one will care. ive had to "steal" my own bikes before when ive lost keys, and i was kind of dispirited over the fact that no one stopped to ask me what the fuck i was doing.

at work, im often fiddling with my moped while its locked outside - opening up the toolbox, fiddling with the lock, and no one notices. i could just as easily be stealing it.

Re: Death by dragging

i was on my bike in salisbury once right down at the center i had my bike locked to a sign and sure enough i lost my keys i went to the police station and asked for a hack saw to cut a bike lock the cop handed it to me and just said make sure you bring it back

i could of stole it and the cops wouldnt of even noticed

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

I saw a really nice moped chained to a parking meter on Wednesday night on the way to a Sox game. I couldn't believe it! This thing couldn't have been in a more secluded, remote or ideal location to be lifted, and while I hate to say, this idiot _should_ have it stolen just for being so fucking stupid. My youngest grandson (10) even said, "that's kinda stupid leaving a moped like that right there."

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

Not calling you or anyone else here stupid Greg, (except for the dumb prick with their moped chained to a parking meter) it's just that some folks forget where they are.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

That sucks man. That was a pertty snazzy lil' bike you had there. If I see anyone riding a yellow Bat I'll break their legs. I just hope it's actually your bike they're riding. hehehe

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

I love how all the cable locks now advertise how they are sheathed in DuPont Kevlar. That's the most worthless selling point ever, unless you're worried a cop from a TV show is going to shoot your lock apart with a gun. A pocketknife can cut through that stuff like butter. I use a big U-lock with a chain through my wheels.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

that's what I use to lock stuff up. It kind of sucks because in this day and age there really is no lock that can't be broken pretty easily yet is reasonable to carry around with you... but it sure is better than nothing. I also just installed a hidden kill switch for a touch of extra security...

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

hmmm how did you do the kill switch?

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

vinny -

thats the exact kind of rope lock i'm talking about. i have seen those cut with my own eyes, and its riduculously simple.

use something more like this if you want to remain the sole owner of your moped.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

Kryptonite locks ftw - nothing beats it! I thief has to be not only determined, but have the right equipment and the time. True, no lock is foolproof, but the New York locks give you at least buys you more time than other conventional locks. Plus it's pretty formidable looking which is a good deterrent.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

nah just have a moped thats as big of a piece of shit as mine is also make sure its ugly as hell and very loud

you dont even have to lock it cause nobody would actually want it and if somebody did take it it would be very easy to spot

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

You may have been asking the wrong people. I don't know about Boston, but down here the cops are not the folks who provide security at the train stations. They use rent-a cops (Wackenhut). Other places use a different branch of the police force, like the parking patrol, or a city like Boston might even have TSA or Homeland Security folks. Some asshole security dude, frustrated at not having the right stuff to make the regular police force (how lame would you have to be for THAT?) may have disagreed with your right to park a moped at the bicycle rack, "That ain't no bicycle! It's got a friggin motor on it!" and taken it upon himself to have it "removed." The regular cops probably would have no clue.

Go back to the Natick station at the same time that it was taken, so the same people are on duty, and ask around. The bike may be in impound somewhere.

I sure hope you get your moped back, dude.

Re: Stolen Batavus - Natick

unofrtunately tropbats has a real good point.,

cops may not have camera's on that station, but tsa does.

somebody has to have seen something

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