Trouble with an 1982 Urban Express

Okay, so i got this moped that didn't run about 5 years ago and put in a shed for a future project. While starting to work on it i knew gas was big. So i got new gas, cleaned carburetor, made sure gas was flowing. and it does fine..

Didn't run...

So i got a new battery and spark plug.....didn't run..

Im not getting a spark.

Also, if i have a new battery in, turn the ignition key, should my lights and all that work? Or does it have to be running for that?

Im stuck....

Re: Trouble with an 1982 Urban Express

go over your wire make sure they r all connected right and u might have been at a bad angle and didn't see the spark put your hand on it and try

DISCLAIMER THING. u will get zapped if u have spark and i won't say its the nicest feeling in the world but at least u know if u have spark

Trouble with an 1982 Urban Express

Wrong forum, try the repair forum for this type of question. It may be just a blown fuse.

Re: Trouble with an 1982 Urban Express

Still no spark...

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