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Hey I live in the bay area any shops for a 79' indian or moped shops around. P.S. Thanx for everyones help to my earlier topic.

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usually if it's this close of a new topic, you should just stick it into the old one.

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That's like asking for a Studebaker shop. I believe that Indian didn't actually make that engine and it's a Honda clone. you are going to be doing a lot of your own work. Part of the problem is that shops that charge $60/hour labor won't want to touch a moped they didn't sell because they see the labor surpassing the value of the bike before they're done and it's not worth it to them. On top of that getting parts will be much easier for you as you can get them on eBay or various used sources. The good news is that moped engines are simple and low tech. Get your hands dirty, it will be a good start to a great relationship between you and your vintage ride. Read Fred's Guide first then start asking questions on the repair board.

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No WAY! I've got a '79/'80 Indian in SF!!! My first moped. Fixed it up myself and had it running until something went snap rattlerattlerattle a few weeks ago. I'll be opening it up, anlong with a spare engine I picked up, and you're welcome to come by and work on yours too.

Here's some stuff to help you along. Read and research a TON. I knew NOTHING of mechanicalness until this project, but the info is here, and the feeling of getting it to run well is....yeah. You do have to be willing to make some mistakes, but that's what the parts link is for.

Check out the Indian Goodies thread thread for crazy insane amounts of info.

The best resource I found for Indian parts was The Parts Store

There's also a guy named Bob who was way helpful and apparently has tons of parts, but he seems to have other stuff on his plate, and fast shipping isn't.

E-mail me if you want to compare notes

Re: Thanx for the responses

Also, while there's great info here, and definitely some moped gurus, I've found most folks don't realize Indians are a 4 stroke valve system, which means some suggestions just ain't right.

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