Soni 2 Moped Brand

Just found a complete bike that a guy wants $600 for. The brand is a Soni 2, and the serial number plate notes that it was manufactured by Paul Soni in 1978. I've never heard of the make and neither has Shaun at Myron's Mopeds. Does it ring a bell with anyone else or can you shed light on the brand...found next to nothing on Google.

Re: Soni 2 Moped Brand

i googled it. looks like its a bajaj. either manufactured under licensed or assembled by soni. who knows. and i think its a scooter. not sure though.

Re: Soni 2 Moped Brand

I just got one back in Nov,from a motorcycle junk yard for $300. It was a xmas present for wife,good thing I got a back-up,it still doesn't run.36miles,complete with operation and maintenance book.So it seems I lost my spark,no current through the HT coil.I have no idea where to start looking,on a Sunday.Can anyone help?

Re: Soni 2 Moped Brand


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