Honda PAII


Just posting to introduce myself.

I bought a nice 81 Honda PAII last night.

Got it running and am having a good time already




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Congrats! PA50 is a great ride!

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Yes it is! I love mine to death, have been offered twice what I paid for it and have always said no way! best of luck with it!

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I'm having so much fun working on mine that I'm thinking of buying another!

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Let me give you some sound advice, I have a PAII and was driving around obliviuos to the fact that , yes there is a tranny, and it needs oil!

Your 'tranny' is on your rear wheel, on the hub area. There is a bolt not attached to anything, 13mm? And take this out and tilt the bike to see if there is any oil. Ill bet dollars to donuts there isnt. I have not seen an old hobbit that had oil in there.

Put 75cc of 90W gear oil!

Your PAII will love you for it.

P.S. buy the shop manual, it is invaluable!

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I got my first a couple of months ago... now they're multiplying and I have three.


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Thanks, I knew of the existence of the "tranny" but since mine has so few miles on it I never thought to check it! And yes the sercice manual IS invaluable!

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Thanks for the great reception all!

Checked the tranny, twas dry, put some gear lube in there. Thanks for that tidbit.

So, I put on a new plug. Champion RL86C.

I also jammed a hanger in the muffler plug area.

I pulled out the air cleaner and its doesn't seem be original or a Honda replacement. It looked pretty clean but i clean and oiled it anyway.

Here is the issue, my ped only seams to go about 20mph.

I am a good 220lbs but i expect about 30 out of it.

What should my next step be?

Replace the air filter with a Honda element?

Cook the muffler?

Clean the carb? (seems like a big job!)

Re: Honda PAII

I posted my 'issue' in the repair forum.

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