Will gas rust metal?

I was wondering if Gas will easily rust the metal commonly found in Gas tanks? And if it can, is it okay to have a little bit of rust in there, or will it be bad for the engine to run with a little bit of rust in the gas mixture.


Re: Will gas rust metal?

Rust isn't great in the tank, a little bit may be ok, put in an inline fuel filter. And no gas won't rust metal, it is water in the tank causing the rust, if you want it cleaned out you can take it to a radiator shop and they can remove the rust and coat the inside in plastic, no more rust ever. You can also buy a product, I don't remember the name, that runs about $50 a bottle that I hear works ok for removing the rust. But the radiator shop shouldn't run much more than that, my local shop is charging $65 for 2.4 gallon motorcycle tanks.


rust .. is the result of oxygen combining with iron .. (gas tanks are made of steel... steel is mostly iron).

Gasoline has no oxygen it it .

So ... No... gas doesn't cause rusty gas tanks .. its the water in the air and water in the gas that rusts the steel.

Can the engine live with it ?

Not really ... the rust clogs carb orifices .. buy a paper element inline fuel filter .. (at a lawnmower shop maybe?) .. and install it .. that will keep the rust from clogging the carburetor orifices... (and it will).

I have 2 inline motorcycle gas filters... they do not stop all the smaller rust particles... I need a paper element fuel filter.

Re: The fuller the tank.....

The more full you keep your tank, 'specially if it's pre-mix, the less rust you'll see.

Tanks are vented, succeptable to humidity changes... (picture a cold class outside in the heat)

You tank is cold, from being on the front porch or garage all night.....the water drops form as the day heats up.

a full tank, you won't have any room for condensation...

Mostly full, and the pre-mix should slosh around enough to prevent rust.

Cars too--- either use dry gas, or keep you car FULL in the cold nights/warm day parts of the year to avoid rust/condensation.

Re: No


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