Tomos A55 Manual--Need it?

So my girlfriend tells me that my new Tomos Sprint arrived while I'm at work today but without a manual. Is it something I really need in order to put it together? Yay or nay? Or is it pretty straightforward? If there are any downloadable manuals or instructional sites, that would be great. Thanks.

Re: Tomos A55 Manual--Need it?

my streetmate just neededsome basic assembly

IE pedals, handle bars attached. and like a batterie

if youve owned a moped before you should have no problem

Re: Tomos A55 Manual--Need it?

The owners manual has your warranty card in it. The owners manual does not tell you how to assemble it. That is in the shop manual I bought later. If you know that there is a left crank and a left pedal that have to match then your are fine. It took me about 45 min to put my first one together but then staring at it wondering if you did it right takes about two more hours.

Re: Tomos A55 Manual--Need it?

It's my first moped (and hopefully not my last). Other than basic tools, oil/gas mix, and a brain, is there anything I need to get her running?

Re: Tomos A55 Manual--Need it?

I should have specified that mine is an infamous noped, so no pedals. I did read on a forum somewhere about a proper procedure for the first time adding fuel... anything there?

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