what's wrong?

I've got 2 problems.

1. I think my carb is leaking-but only when i leave the gas on. I know that most vintage peds do this but I have a brand new Tomos with less than 200 original miles on it. I'm not talking about a little either, it's like 1/4 or more of a gallon of gas overnight. I brought it to warbux and he opened it up but saw nothing physically wrong with the float or the float bowl. He said that I could put my ped on the wait list for further inspection but it goes without saying that leaving my ped somewhere for several nights is going to be my last option. Besides, it was running fine and not leaking as long as I remembered to turn off the gas.

2. Ok, so anyway when I get on the thing to ride it home, something funny is happening. I'll have the thing on full throttle, going 30mph and then it'll just drop out suddenly for a few seconds, as if the engine has died (but it hasn't-my headlamp is on and i can kinda feel it purring still) or the throttle cable has snapped (but the movement feels fine on that). I thought it had something to do with the bowl being emptied at warbux so I just rode it home. It was still acting funny like that when I got there so I put gas in, thinking I was running low. It's still doing it though, and I've ridden about 6 miles so I know that it should have straightened itself out by now. It does this regardless of whether I run it on reserve. It's very erradic; it will happen 3 or 4 times in a minute and then not do it for a while. There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern at all; the only thing that might (?) be common with the occurences is that the wind picks up? Maybe? Not sure about that though.

I really don't want to have to leave my ped with the shop, so if this is an obvious problem with an easy fix that i just don't know about because i'm incredibly new to all this....I'd rather just do it myself.

Re: what's wrong?

sounds like the float valve in the carb bowl is not sealing, this would allow fuel to continue to fill the bowl and then over flow... The float rises as the fuel flows into the bowl, and closes or restricts the fuel flow valve at (hopefully) an appropriate level, which ensures enough fuel to feed the main and pilot jet, and not too much, which would overflow and possibly bog the main jet as well... When the bike is running the fuel drawn by the carb to feed the engine will usually take enough fuel that the carb would not over flow if it had a stuck float or a bad seal on the float valve. Remove the carb, take off the bowl, remove the float from its hinged position and see if everything is moving freely and no fine debris has accumulated in the worky bits...

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