No decomp on my moby?

Okay so i was asking about the best way to start my moby and everyone was talking about a decomp lever....someone also showed me a video from youtube, however where there should be a decomp lever, mine says on/off. if i pull it, my motor shuts off, has any ever heard of this? am i crazy?

Re: No decomp on my moby?

yes, its supposed to happen that way. There should be an engine on/off switch(electrical) on the left handle bar. The lever you squeeze to kill the engine is the decomp lever. when the engine is running and you squeeze it you remove the compression nessessary for combustion and the engine dies, squeeze it when the engine is off and you are rolling it it should help it start easier. You only need to squeeze it enough to allow the crank to start spinning. Once your crank is spinning fast enough to allow the magneto to start lighting the lights let it go and your engine should be running. Twist the throttle and go!

Re: No decomp on my moby?

Cool, ill try that...Thanks!

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