I feel like a fucking creep now

So I'm working through some carb problems on a dellorto 12/10 and saw something posted by a local rider who is may be experiencing a similar problem. I think I worked it through on my end and thought I would share some thoughts/opinions with this local rider off the board and emailed the person directly with some results/suggestions. No response. Now I feel like I'm viewed as some creepy predator - whatever that feels like.

I have a couple of comments and a couple of questions for folks.

First, I'm considerably older than most people who post on this board which probably makes me suspicious in the eyes of some.

Second, I live in a town whose past is wrought with all types of intolerance which would also make me suspicious in the eyes of some.

Third, I'm still recovering from a very serious accident where I was T-boned at an intersection. I'm fortunate to be alive. The accident not only disfigured me, but also left me with permanent brain damage that effects my cognitive stuff, as well as long and short term memory. Based on my injuries it's a wonder that I don't drool and shit all over myself. For the past 3 1/2 years I have had to learn to live in the moment and forced to leave my profession as criminal appellate paralegal and private investigator. These things also tend to make me suspicious in the eyes of some.


Is it inappropriate to make an unsolicited contact with someone off-board here? And if so, why do we have our email address posted in our profiles?

Do the 20-somethings on this board own exclusive rights to comments, suggestions and opinions they may wish to share with others?

I may be 50 at the end of August, but I ain't out of the game yet.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

People e-mail and IM other board members without solicitation all the time. But that doesn't mean you'll always get a response if you do that, so don't take it personally. Also no one cares about your age (or realizes what your age is) unless you make a big deal out of it. So just relax.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

Ben Van Zoest /

You tried and failed no reason to blame yourself, don't give up some people here are nice, nice enough to offer help.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

Email is a funny medium.

Boards seems to be closely related to text messages and IMs, it's an instant thing, or seemingly so. Short blips, to the point, over and over again .. a virtual conversation. Some people see email, especially long emails as just too damned much, so you probably won't always get the responce you're hoping for.

Hell, i work from home, and check my email every 3 minutes. unless you catch me when i'm sleeping you'll probably get a responce within an hour at the most on weekdays. I have friends that check their email once a week at best. so it's different to everyone.

and really i think once you hit 20, no one gives a damn about how old you are. it's not like you're 70 and sending an email to a 12 year old about his neopets account. information is information, i personally don't care how old the person is it comes from.

Now if you opened the email with ... "young sweet sweet boy, SWM in search of no strings attached help with dellorto carb" i think you're safe.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

most people here wont care and if they do then screw them.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

your pic is a lil frightening,but thats not the first bare male ass i have seen on here. i think i am pretty used to it by now.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

The Scot with his bare ass isn't me. It's a picture my cousin sent me. I just thought it kinda fit in with some of the wry humor here.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

hey. your email is onepercenters? who do you ride with?

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

Edward Richardson /

The person you're trying to help probably hasn't checked their e-mail or their spam filter has filed or blocked your message. Acknowledge Move On.

If your motives are pure you're in the clear. If your motives are otherwise, it will be more obvious than you perceive, communication is their forte. They are standoffish to everyone equally on the board and in person, don't take it personally, they either know you you or they don't.

First, age is in your mind. There are younger people more experienced and wiser on here, there are older people who act like children, boring pain in the ass children.

Second, History is five minutes ago, Barney is History, Cotton Mather is a nobody. They don't know what you're talking about. If its important, they'll google it or check the Wiki.

Third, Everyone here is damaged, some are more obvious than others but don't feel special. Tolerance is the one of the areas that is getting better generationally in the U.S. Your proffessional experience doesn't make you appear suspicious, its made you a little paranoid, dial it back a notch.

Question one. its o.k. but don't expect an answer. Oue email is there to be harvested by Nigerian scam artists that our government should be leaving with a smoking ace of spades on their sprawled bodies.

Question two: Exclusive rights are granted only to those that have paid for the licensing agreement.

Happy birthday in august.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

I'm still patched but can't ride because of my injuries and who I rode with just doesn't matter here. We'll say they're some good fellas who are supporting me through my recovery.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

haha. good people. those from boston. i have crossed a few over the years. we have different guys for the most part down here in pittsburgh though.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

i met you and i been talking back and forth with you you seem fine to me

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

in our community, age matters little. most branches have full members older than you. it makes me smile to think that they got into mopeding around my age and stuck with it...no matter what. rally age range is great (mid teens to mid 60s).

as far as increasing email responses: i would change your photo. there is enough random showings at rallies already :) you may be a great guy, but i personally would be leary writing you back with that photo.

also i am not sure that people check email as much as the forums. i have sent emails and not gotten responses for weeks before.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

your pic makes you look like a creep

if that helps

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

***Kim Jong illest*** /

wow with a pic like that your wonder why you come off creepy?

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

I just think everyone is coming on to me, male and female. It comes with being one handsome SOB. Maybe whoever you e-mailed has the same problem.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

wait a minute why is it wrong for peter to have a pic like that but its alright for deezy to have a pic of his ass all over MA which is funny as hell

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

there both gross

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

Quote: "emailed the person directly with some results/suggestions. No response."

I've had people selling on craigslist completely ignore my emails and the ad remains up until it expires. Leaves you hanging, wondering. Did the item sell and rather than reply saying it sold and deleting the ad, not response to people's emails. Or did they ignore everyone's emails and not even sell it? Who knows? Annoying as heck but it's not because they feel I'm a predator. Some people are just too damn lazy to respond even if it's something to their benefit for which you emailed them.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

I thought that too man. I think his picture may have been meant to be funny, but it is yukky and vulgar. I tried to just be sorta light with mine, and I didn't try to post anything I considered grotesque. And I was really trying to celebrate humor, and I wanted people to join me on that day of naked moped riding. I want to also do it again this next coming full moon, so c'mon mopedders far and wide, just laugh your heads off like I did when I rode that day.

Oh well, nudity has such a foggy line. I t can be funny, it can be sexy, and it can be nasty. I was going for nothing but a care-free "funny."

I hate kilts.


Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

Ha Ha Ha you think your old , there are guys on here in their mid 60's Im 55 Im also pretty well fucked up in the head , from different things that have happened in the past to my wife and I but these guys accept me ,as long as you behave yourself you will be alright and Deez ! I saw penis in that last nude post you did oh and sack LOL I love ya Dave

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

toe fur threadkiller /

don't sweat it dude, yer cool.

just so long as you don't bump this thread every five minutes shouting "everyone should know what bare scot-arses and age can do. bare scot-arses, not me. i rode a bare scot-arse 7500 miles across canada once."

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

I've had unsolicited e-mail from members here. Didn't bother me a bit.

My wife is often reminding me how dry my sense of humor is but I even think that picture is creepy.

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

I think its rather humorous

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

me too dan, Scot ass is always a hit,

bah, don't worry about it Peter, folks got bent when I showed off my baby pic on here...(see attach)


Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

holy crapoly, you guys got me laughin!

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now


Looks like a kilt to me. I'm on the wrong side of 50 & it's time to ride & just have some fuckin' fun. Okay? But I'm "Irish-German-American". Don't have a kilt & am a wee bit jealous (it could come in handy).

-- Joe

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

spam filter


Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

Could it be that you're wearing a kilt with no underwear in your profile pick, showing off your ass, chode and nut sack?

Re: I feel like a fucking creep now

No, spam filters are for people who don't how to delete msgs. Just as offensive cable-TV don't know how to CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Don't be lame.

Sorry, Peter, but I'm neither offended nor aroused.

In 1976, I vowed I would buy a moped. I thought they were around to stay. But instead, I bought a motorcycle for the freeway & a bicycle for everything else. It's the time in life to enjoy. My daughter is in college and I'm looking toward retirement. I damn well plan to enjoy it...

Best Wishes,


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