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hey guys, new to the whole moped world and its laws... i live in montana and recently just purchased a new tomos and i love it. im from seattle originally and like to travel home quite a bit. i was wondering, since montana has no laws (literally), if i was to take my ped over to seattle on a trip would i have to get it licensed or anything special? or would my montana DL be sufficient? thanks for the help.

Re: travel between states

as long as you are legal go your state you will be legal in ours.

Unless you are staying more than six months.

gonna come to blood drive?

Re: travel between states

Oh yeah, i would just keep a copy of the most relevant montana laws you can find for when you get pulled over.

Do you have a license plate or placard or anything? That and good lights will keep you from getting pulled over here.

Re: travel between states

Hey Welcome aboard man!

I thought I was gonna be the only montana rider forever!!

Yep I think as long as we can prove we are from Montana, it's okay, but I'd have some copies of our laws on hand just in case.

If you have seen me, I have been in Missoula riding this around, but barely, as I live in Lewistown.

If you see ANY other bikes like that, you let me know, okay!

Glad to not be alone. Moped Army is a fun place. Riding around on a law-free bike is even funner, if this stupid rain would let up for a bit!

I have been looking for a ride to Seattle for their rally in early August. I even thought if I could get to Missoula, I could maybe find a ride from there, but who knows. Good to see more montana mopedders!!


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Haha! Sweet! That must feel good.

Im expecting to meet both of you august eighth.

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Oh, and if you are ever in Lewistown (the exact center of Montana) stop by! Bowl on my machine, drink some beers, and go for rides!

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dude thats a sweet ass bike. i just looked into that blood drive in seattle, couldnt find much, but sounds like a blast. might have to put in for the time off. im also a photographer looking for a new story idea and this whole moped lifestyle is looking pretty appealing. seattle would be a good start for it. its not like that it even exists in montana... lets keep in touch, im new to the ped life, but loving every minute of it.


Re: travel between states

any of you guys ever drink moose drool? its brewed in missoula. its pretty decent beer.

Re: travel between states

Terry Horlick /

My wife's cousin is a really funny guy. He's a pharmacist and about 15 years ago he brought a case of Moose Drool to her family reuinion. He and his friends had decided to start a brewry and that is the name they chose. The consensus was the stuff was great. I don't drink so I never tried it but seems everyone else loves the stuff.

So just put a rack on the back of the ped and always keep a case or two there... just so you can share with the officer when he pulls you over to check the bike out!

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Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

There was one of those machines at the arcade we rode to for the Kzoo rally! I saw it and immediately thought of you Deezy. It was fun to play too!

Re: travel between states

Yep I've had it. Not too bad a stuff.

Re: travel between states

I wanna know all about that machine. If there's anything I'm more into than mopeds, it's bowling machines. Oh, and guitar, and hunny-bunny lovins!

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We have had our vacation plans to go to Missoula. Mark wants to go fly fishing, and see family. I had planned to do some more work on our family genealogy in Missoula and then over in Walla Walla. We had tossed the idea of traveling with the mopeds in the back of our pick-up truck...But the boys are not boys anymore they are full size men...

Do you either of you have plans to be in Missoula on June 23-July 4?

Re: travel between states

I kinda doubt I will be there as none of my family lives there anymore, but I sure love Missoula.

Re: travel between states

Oh, we got awesome fly-fishing here as well. I'd love to meet you someday too, Jill! I'd ride with you, and even keep my clothes on.

Re: travel between states

ill be here for sure. no plans until the beginning of august... be in seattle for blood drive HOPEFULLY.

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