First Ride On My Own Moped.

i've spent all my spare money and time for the last 2-3 months working on this 78' garelli gran sport i bought outside of chico. so the story starts off bad but it's a long one and i dont want to bore you so i'll make it short. old man rips me off, i call him and tell him he's fucking scum, he sends me half my money back, which is still a rip off. i've spent more time and money in this thing then i ever planned or wanted. new bearings, 70 polini kit, 21mm dellorto, homemade intake, proma gp w/ homemade header. FINALLY got it running today, started right up. took it for a couple rides, let my buddy take it for a ride, then we went to go on a ride together(seperate mopeds!) and about a block away it died. find that my oil is getting from my case to inside my cylinder = bad crank or primary shaft seals? anyways, this things been a fucking rollercoaster, just thought i'd share.

p.s. let me know, if you know, where to get those seals..thanks!

Re: First Ride On My Own Moped.

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Re: First Ride On My Own Moped.

try . they might have the seals you need.

Re: First Ride On My Own Moped.

. i only took it between 1/3 - 1/2 throttle. that proma kicks in real early. acceleration and torque kicked ass. and i dont have speedo or wasn't being followed but i've ridden my buddy's garelli supersport, going 45 according to his truck(only 1/2 throttle) and it felt like i was probably hitting about 40 on mine.

Re: First Ride On My Own Moped.

i checked, they dont say they have 'em on the site, but i emailed him and he said he would check tomorrow. besides them, i would have no idea where to get 'em, i really hope they come through.

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