Chad Burke!

Heyo dude, I talked to you at the BBQ, you said you might have a piston for me. E-mailed you through quarterkick, but I don't think it was the e-mail you told me you'd recieve.

If you see this, shoot me an e-mail so I can shoot yous some cash.


Re: Chad Burke!

yup, he is a cool guy.

Re: Chad Burke!

Chad, this guy needs it, I mean he really has nothing else in his life, I mean he sleeps in or around my moped shop at least once a week for inspiration... :) Just kidding, Zack, its open season. Love you much.


OK, so zack shows up at my house tonight to do the moped transfer into the Denver shop in a moving truck full of bikes. He brings three to deposit and takes three of his own to work on. Rock on Denver.... We got the fever.

Re: Chad Burke!


Re: Chad Burke!

hey Zack, shoot me an email at chad @

Re: Chad Burke!

Three bikes is not a moving truck full of bikes...

And the rider for one was in the truck, and the other one was a recovered stolen bike.

And I only picked up two! I had just bought the motron back there. My first Minireli!

Re: Chad Burke!

Just teasing.

Re: Chad Burke!

Well Jackie clearly wasn't impressed.

Re: Chad Burke!

ummmmm, and... huh?

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