My allstate compact ALIVE!!!

I got my coil from matt at motor west and got install . somewhere between that and $3 points file, $4 feeler gage, and short piece of plug wire. we've GOT SPARK. next were the fuel line, carb, and fuel petcock, they all took some cleaning but once all cleaned and back together, she fire right up.

which bring me to my next bunch of questions

gearbox oil best wt. and brand ?

stop switch/ brake light switch where it located?

that good for now thanks in advance

My allstate compact ALIVE!!!

Awesome. i had a similar deal with mine a week or two ago. Bought it, changed out the petcock, added fuel line, cleaned the carb and the points and she fired right up.

Re: My allstate compact ALIVE!!!

In my allstate mo-ped, which is VERY similar, I use straight 2 stroke Amsoil synthetic oil in my transmission. Works much better than 30 wt, which they call for.

I'm thinking about getting a compact I just found here, for my wife.


Re: My allstate compact ALIVE!!!

In my Allstate 175 twingle, which is similar in some ways, there is no brake light switch on the front brake.

The back brake pedal activates the brake light - I just wanted to point this out because I spent a good few minutes puzzling over how the front brake light switch could have broken off without leaving any sign it was ever there...

Re: My allstate compact ALIVE!!!

most bikes don't have brake lights wired into front braking systems. unless one is an idiot, front brakes are rarely used for other than panic stops, or to keep the bike from "creeping " when stopped.

Re: My allstate compact ALIVE!!!

i use front brakes on my bike all the time 9not the one with an engine a pedal bike but thats just cause i wore out the back ones and it does just fine stopping on the front ones

Re: My allstate compact ALIVE!!!

well i found the switch, it up under the kick starter connected to the rear brake lever by spring. time to figure that out, i did talk to motor west and he has them on the shelf, if the switch is bad.

another question, how to you lub the cables and what should be used.

thanks for the help

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