Bianchi Snark

Just picked up a pretty nice running Bianchi Snark today to add to our collection. Two questions for you: What kind of oil to use in the transmission? I use Type F in our other bikes, but this says "Motor Oil 20" on the filler cap. Also, what the hell is a "Snark"?!?!?


Re: Bianchi Snark

See Ya Moped Army /

The manufacturer calls for SAE 20 non-detergent oil in the crankcase. I've been using SAE 30 since the closest oil I could find was SAE 20 Detergent oil. I've been told that unless the bike is used during very cold weather, it should be fine with SAE 30.

I think a Snark is the same as a "Snipe". I need to go Snark Hunting tonight, so I gotta go....


Re: Bianchi Snark

chuck russo va /

i dont know anyhting baout them but snarks are sweet looking bikes if they are in good shape

Re: Bianchi Snark

need a picture...

Re: Bianchi Snark

i have a bianchi-snark eagle deluxe w/ minarelli engine. it's been stolen three times and recovered each time. it's a beautiful bike.

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