cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

over the last week my scoopy has become very sluggish & stalls at least 3 times every morning on various stages of my journey (usually the early stages).

it has also become very sluggish when taking off from a stop.

there are only 2 reasons i can possible think for this happening, it has gotten to about 5 degrees celsius here overnight & my scoopy isn't garaged, so maybe its the cold.

the other reason may be fuel. i filled it up from a different gas station to normal.

anyway, i went for the unleaded & filled her up.

the next day it started to play up, i went back to the gas station & noticed that as well as being unleaded there was a sticker on it saying 'octane enhanced petrol with ethanol'..this means nothing to me, could this be the problem?

i'd appreciate any help.



Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

Mike (MA) /

Hey Deliria,

It's 97F here in Boston today. WHere are you that you have the luxury of 5C?

Anyway, my Vespa ET2 has trouble at low RPMS (i.e. taking off from a stopsign) in the winter. I'm sure it was jetted for the summer time, as most users aren't riding thru the cold New England winters.

So maybe your Scoopy (are you saying that's the same as a Honda Metro) is jetted for warmer weather. So in really cold weather, I guess it'd be running lean (more air than gas) because the air is more dense. For a given "breath", the cylinder receives more air than it would in the summer time.

-Mike (MA)

Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

well its due for its first service next week, so i'll mention this sluggish behaviour to my honda dealer.

i'm in sydney australia & we're coming towards the end of our winter, so perhaps it will perform better in spring.

its odd though because i've had the scoopy (yes its the same as the metro...we got the japanese name over here) for about 6 weeks & i'm sure there have been equally cold evenings during that time, yet it is just in the last week that it has been playing up, before that it was fine.

Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

Try it without the alchahol gas. I seem to remember hearing that it wasn't good to use it. Just guessing though.

Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

InfectedBootSector /

The first thing I would do is empty the tank of all that gas with the Ethanol in it.

You can use it, but I wouldn't. Ethanol laced gas (petrol) has alchohol in it that is usually derived from vegtable matter. The Alchohol actually attracts water from the air and can pull water from the air into your tank.

The second problem you could be having is vopor lock, especially after a change in temp. I doubt it though. It usually happens during a cold-warm change.

Could the electric choke be sticking closed? If the carb is real cold, it could be holding your choke closed a lot longer than normal during cold weather.

I've been wondering how mine will do here in the mountains of Maryland when the winter hits us.

Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

i had less than a 1/4 of a tank of the ethanol petrol left & refilled it with reugular unleaded...guess what? no stalling this morning...ran very smoothly all the way into work, took off really well from stops etc.

in fact my little scoopy was back to its old self...i'm keeping away from that ethanol.

Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

Alcohol based fuels are really bad for 2 strokes.

Do you live in Maine, Deliria? Someone really close to me has a Met, and it's always stored outside.... but on the other hand, I don't think we have anyplace that sells ethanol....


Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro


no...i live in sydney australia.

is ethanol bad for 4 strokes as well?

Re: cold weather & the Scoopy/Metro

Wayne, what do they add to the gas near you to increase octane? I believe ethanol is about the most common additive to increase octane, next time you are at the gas station look at the super and premium unleaded, they probably both have ethanol in them.

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