puch cylinder #'s?

I've been going through a lot of puch motors lately... I know all the cylinders and pistons are numbered, has anyone recorded the differences between all of them?

I've got a #2, #7, and #11 right now. The 2 was off a free spirit, pretty good porting. #7, not so hot. The intake port is TINY!!!! I took that off. #11=awesome! This came off a newport but I don't think it was stock. Hi torque head, super big ports for stock, and a cast iron sleeve(?) Super torquey, great low end. The piston, which was stuck, had a dyke's ring that went right around the crown. Didn't know those came on stock puch's?

So, I was thinking it would be cool to compile all of them for the wiki.

Re: puch cylinder #'s?

Jason Luther /

1-5 are the standard bore, chrome plated cylinders. 11, 22, 33 are the high-torque cast iron cylinders. the #7 certainly is unique, double check it, I bet its 1-5. whatever number cylinder it needs to have a matching number piston as each number is a different size bore (getting larger by about .0005 as the number increases), though the difference is small enough that a number 2 or 3 piston could be used in a #4 bore, .0005" is not much at all and a little play wont hurt.

Re: puch cylinder #'s?

fish_SHARK /

the only number you need is #22korado

Re: puch cylinder #'s?

my 79 maxi's za50 came with that #11, I thought the dykes ring right around the crown of the piston was unusual too. It's a good cylinder, ran pretty good even though said ring was semi-stuck around the crown there.

Re: puch cylinder #'s?

what about magnum x? I had one, didn't even think to look at the cylinder #. It was stuck so I tossed it. Any one that has seen or had one knows that they are way different, the fins are HUGE, kinda like a korado I guess

Re: puch cylinder #'s?

This Puch takes the #1 cylinder and piston.

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