Deal's Gap

Would be an ass kicking place for a rally!

Camping in the woods and taking to the twisties at the crack of dawn.

Here's a Bridgestone 90 being filmed by some cat on a crotch rocket.

Re: Deal's Gap

MRA had a ride there. The Tail of the Dragon ride. Don't know if they'll do another. I'd sure like to ride it.

Re: Deal's Gap

The Fam has a cabin outside of Robbinsville. Every year we do 4th of July there and i think the peds will be coming along this time.

Re: Deal's Gap

mopeds might be fun on the tail of the dragon.. you have to carry as much speed as you can around the bends so that you arent trying to accelerate out of corners. i used to ride sportbikes there occasionally. just try not to get killed by cagers or HD and sportbike riding dumbasses.

Re: Deal's Gap

I say we do a Race / Rally out at the Bonneville salt flats. Just a thought. Think about how many kits we could assplode. Too bad it's in the middle of nowhere.

Re: Deal's Gap

The MRA is meeting up there next week.

12th - 16th. It is amazing riding.

They will cover about 125 miles (including the dragon) on Friday.

They will cover probably 100-125 miles on Saturday, including part of the Blueridge Parkway and Cherokee.

It's a serious ride for serious bikes.

Ratty bar-limpers need not apply.

Info is at the very top of the moped page on MRA.

Re: Deal's Gap

In my mind those 18 wheelers that fly through at 50 mph is what I would worry about. There are however tons of long side roads that are just like the Dragon and have no traffic cept for Jim-Bob and his trusty John Deere.

Re: Deal's Gap

I would like to see an 18 wheeler doing 50 mph on the Tail of the Dragon lol ! Wow what a hellava wreck !


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