New Goodies Thread

Please only post if you have found a store has stock of a new part and please post in this format.



Dellorto 15.15 15mm Carburetor

Boss Pipe

Motobecane and MBK Bearings av10 av7 51v 50v

Leleu 38 tooth rear sprocket for Puch moped

1977 Mopeds


Puch Performance Clutch Springs (Paz Springs)

Moped Army Tee Shirt

Moped Shop


Shock Set Puch Magnum, Heavy Duty, Chrome, Adjustable

cant get a picture cause its copyrighted for some odd reason

Re: New Goodies Thread

ok weiner!!

Re: New Goodies Thread

Re: New Goodies Thread

Pingel Online

the NX 4 Cylinder Piranha Nozzle system

Am I doing this right, I don't want to mess this up or anything

Re: New Goodies Thread

whoa treats just got a huge shipment and im not going to post everything for all ya pug, moby, honda and phbg guys

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