MotoBecane Mobylette Ignition

Allan A. Groendyk /

I have a Motobecane Mobylette from the 1980's and it keeps stalling when it heats up. It then won't re-start until it cools down. The carburetor has been cleaned and I want to take a look at the points and condenser. I don't have a manual but I am assuming that the points and condenser are under the generator cover. When I remove the plastic generator cover I am faced with rotating metal cover that is held on with a bolt that will accept the square part of a 3/8 ratchet wrench. The problem is that I can't hold the rotating shaft tightly enough to remove the bolt that accepts the ratchet wrench. So I have a few questions,

Are the points and condenser under that rotating metal housing? How do I hold the crankshaft tightly enough remove the bolt to get under the metal housing? Does anyone know how to set the points and whether I can replace the condenser with currently commercially available parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Re: MotoBecane Mobylette Ignition

chuck-Ohio /

I use a Sears strap wrench to remove cover on my '65 moby.

Re: MotoBecane Mobylette Ignition

Scott in WI /

Isn't the bolt or nut lefthand thread also. I think on mine it is.


Re: MotoBecane Mobylette Ignition

There was a similar discussion about this about a month ago. <a href="">check it out</a>.


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