STOLEN: Orange Ciao in Denver

Tom's Ciao got nicked last night, I think in the cap. Hill area, but I don't have all the details yet.

If you see it, call him at 630-415-8647, and we can organize a reclamation party.

It's the only orange Ciao in the area that I've heard of, but I'll try to get some distinguishing features up here asap.


Re: STOLEN: Orange Ciao in Denver

Did he have it registered? If so, that will make reclamation much more legal. Well, it couldn't be far, that thing took like a block and a half of pushing just to start it. Dumbasses, I bet it's in a bush nearby.

Re: STOLEN: Orange Ciao in Denver

He did, police report has been filed.

It didn't have the key, so it wont start unless they hotwire it, and even then...

Also, the rear tail light was broken.

Looks like they cut his cable lock.

Re: STOLEN: Orange Ciao in Denver


Just talked to Becci. Someone put it behind her store (Buffalo Exchange up on the hill), she's storing it inside until I get there, then it goes to Ryan's garage while Tom buys a new lock.

All hail the mighty text message list!

Re: STOLEN: Orange Ciao in Denver

Let me know and I'll get it today.

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