Batavus HS50

Anyone have a stock bike like this and now about the top speed. I only ask because it is difficult to find a kit for this bike and may be able to pick up this bike. Thanks

Re: Batavus HS50

depends on the carb...

20...25...or 30mph. My HS does 25 but my VA will go faster.

Fit a 14.12 and de-restrict the exhaust,that should get you 3 to 5 mph

Re: Batavus HS50

i have a batavus regency and a bronco that both hit over 35 stock.... to my knowledge no one makes a kit for the laura m56 or m48 so that sort of limits you... though i have heard of people switching the engine out with a puch E50 and kitting that. pipes and carbs are also an option to get a few more mph out of it.

Re: Batavus HS50

talk to Jay:

He's got a starflite that purportedly runs in the high 30's

Re: Batavus HS50

i made a long ass post in the performance forum search batavus or somin

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