any Kzoo BBQ videos?

I saw the video of Tofur shooting fireworks from within his pants, and the one ride video that brystheguy took with his point and shoot. Doe anyone have any other videos from the rally. Who was the guy in the middle of the street with the camera I want to see that video!

Re: any Kzoo BBQ videos?

I got a bunch of snippets from my point and shoot, but nothing worth posting. I'm disappointed in myself.

Re: any Kzoo BBQ videos?

Where is this video of fireworks and pants you speak of? This sounds like a good video. I don't know of any others, and I don't think the video from the guy in the middle of the road has been posted at all.

Also, didn't you take a bunch of pictures? I'd be interested in seeing some, specially if you got more pictures of stuff besides waiting and gas stations. Waiting and gas stations are about 80% of my pictures.

Re: any Kzoo BBQ videos?

I also have a topher/fireworks/pants video. Obviously a popular thing to film, heh.

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