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Hello to all:I'm a newbee,just bought my 1st Moped at a garge sale.It's a Tomos 1996 VIN-ZZ1A65123TK953777.I don't know what all parts I can purchase.Like a speedometer cable.A complete headlight assembly also.I need to know what exactly I have.Thanks for any help


Re: exact model

that there is a Tomos Targa LX probably 2000 or so. its missing the middle plastic pieces. but they are useless. and don't look that great. you can get almost any part you can think of brand new from


prices aren't that bad either. how much did you pick it up for?

Re: exact model

oops or it could be a 1996 because you said that. sorry. its in pretty decent shape. good thing the PO took off the decals. they really are terrible and outdated (not in a good way) for the side covers that look a little scraped up, I'd suggest sanding them down and giving them a few good coats of rattle-can plastic paint. I just did that with mine and it looks great. only took me a few hours too. good luck with your new toy!

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