TFR Moped

I am curious of what others think of the TFR Moped. I have a

customer who is looking for one and I would appreciate some

input from others who already own the TFR.

I appreciate your responses.

Thank you,


Re: TFR Moped

This attachment is what WWW.COSMOTOR.COM has to say in their parts list. read the top line.

Re: Search Search Search!


You'll find more info quicker on the TFR and Kinetics if you use the "SEARCH" feature above.

Click on "All Dates" and everything written on them here will pop up.


Re: TFR Moped

I currently bought one.

SO far so good. Only 2 things are it only goes up to 25mph (30mph sometimes) and the handles buffet when it's in high speed.

Other things are OK.

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