fabing manifold

so i went down to lowes today and found the perfect iron pipe to fab my manifold from. for those of you who don't know i am in dire need of a 17mm bing manifold. so i have started cutting a flange that the pipe screws into down to for on my engine. after that i am going to start chopping the pipe down, weld everything together and slap that bad boy on. So far everything is a perfect fit, thank god. i was going to take pics of the process, but i forgot to. so i will start them up now.

Re: fabing manifold

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Once you make that one, make 10 more. There's a market here fo' sho'.

Props for fabbing your own stuff man.

Re: fabing manifold

i might toss all the work i am doing out the window and go buy a miter saw. it would be so much easier then dremeling it. if it works i will make a couple and put them up on the buy sell. lol its going to use alot of jb weld though.

Re: fabing manifold

could one just open up a 15mm just a tad with a drill press?

Re: fabing manifold

would it bolt on though?

Re: fabing manifold

Bruce Edwards /

I fabricated a custom intake from tubing I cut off of an abandoned shopping cart. The picture doesn't show it but it's even chromed.

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