Make Evaporust?

Has anyone figured out how to make Evaporust yet? It cant be too hard. Ill be we could do it cheep. Where are all the Chemistry majors? I call upon you for the good of the army.

For some aplications I like this Evaporust better than muratic Acid. But its just so damn expensive.

Ill bet its easy to make. Lets figure it out.

Re: Make Evaporust?

Is Evaporust worth the money? I've never had to de-rust a gas tank, but I think i'd try oxalic acid. It's marketed as a wood bleach or at the grocery store as "Bartender's Friend". It's pretty toxic though so I dunno... definitely a respirator job.

Re: Make Evaporust?

whats wrong with muratic acid? its cheap, and works. what else could you ask for?

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